We just got back from a mini trip to Minneapolis with our friends, the Pudwills. We went to the mall of America. There are like 9,000 stores. (Do not quote me on that.) I was in consumerism heaven.

Charlotte could not contain her excitement around Madeline. She squealed, Buh buh!, every time she saw her, and showered her with kisses. Madeline loved everything Charlotte did, and she even put up with moments like this, when Charlotte’s affection went a little too far:

I suppose we'll need to teach Charlotte about boundaries...

We went to a fantastic aquarium in the mall. It was total eye candy for the little girls all of us.

Ewww, jellyfish! (But pretty cool, huh?)

On Sunday night, we had dinner at a restaurant that had tiny Adirondack chairs for miniature kiddies to sit on and get their picture taken. Well, I’m not sure if that’s what they were for, but that’s what we did. I took about 60 pictures and may have obstructed the path to the kitchen doing so… Worth it.

Just two friends sitting on tiny chairs.

Yep, the bellybutton is still here!

We’re home tonight and tired after so much shopping, walking, and sharing a hotel room with a toddler (mostly the last one). Oh, and daylight savings time, too. Good thing it’s SPRING BREAK!  I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and not have to go to work.


9 responses to “Jellybuttons

  1. Awesome pictures! Awesome trip!
    Thanks for not mentioning the last 4 hours. 😉

  2. What adorable pictures! These two little gems had a great time together!

  3. That first pic made me LOL!

  4. Adorable…….as usual!

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