The Best Part

The last day of school before a break is always pretty crazy. We had student basketball tournaments certain periods and pep rallies other periods. It’s always up to the teacher whether or not they will take their students to these activities, but I always do because the kids are so bonkers on these days that it’s nearly impossible to get any quality work done.

The best part of my day was when Charlotte came to visit my 4th period class. I was home for lunch and I decided I’d just bring her over for one period. I knew my students would love me forever for that. 

Surprisingly, Charlotte wasn’t shy at all. She displayed some shyness at the Valentine’s Day party that I chaperoned last month (burying her face in my shoulder, stone-faced, quiet), but today she was loving the attention from the kids. She was squealing and smiling and following them around the room. My students were wonderful with her. They gave her their bracelets to play with and kept her entertained the entire period. Charlotte loved the attention – she was doing her signature open-close hand motion every few minutes. I wish I’d had my camera. One of the best pictures would have been Charlotte wearing a student’s gold chain with a large gold dollar sign medallion. Hilarious.

Her visit was easily the best part of my day.


3 responses to “The Best Part

  1. Holy cow that is CRAZY!!!!!!!! AWKWARD is definitely the right word.

    Btw, nothing like blogging on a Friday night!!! 😉

  2. or blog -“stalking” like I am

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