Seeing Stripes

The winner of the Guess My Project post a couple of days ago is….Carla! The reason she is winner is because she’s the only person who guessed anything! LAME. 😛

This was my hint:

It’s obvious that I was painting something…

This is what I did:

Ta da! I painted our curtains!

Even though I swore up and down I would never paint curtains again (remember?), I got bit by an annoying little crafting bug when I saw some cute painted stripe curtains on Pinterest. If you Google “painting curtains stripes,” you’ll find various tutorials on how to do this, but it’s actually easy enough to just figure out how to do on your own. All you need are curtains, painters’ tape, paint, a brush, and some sort of tarp to protect your floors.

I used the plain navy blue Target curtains we had hanging in our guest room. They were boring, yet cheap, which is why I bought them. I do also really like navy blue. But navy blue with white stripes? Oh boy, I was excited!

First, I took them down and washed them. I didn’t iron them after drying because they weren’t too wrinkly. (Also, I detest ironing.) Then I spread them over a large plastic sheet in our living room and measured them to determine how to equally spread out the stripes. I wanted larger stripes, so I decided to go with three white stripes per panel. Then I taped them up. This step (the measuring and taping) took the most amount of time. (I’m an English teacher.)

I used paint left over from our family room make-over. It’s actually cream, or off-white, but on navy, it’s impossible to tell. Then I started brushing it on thick.

The first coat drying

Fabric sucks up a lot paint, so I knew I would need a second coat. I let the first coat dry for about six hours before getting started on the next. The second coat went on much quicker. I painted both panels in less than 30 minutes.

After drying overnight, it was time to take off the tape. This was the moment of truth. I had no idea what my lines were going to look like. I slowly and carefully peeled back the first piece….

VICTORY! It was perfect. In fact, they all were. Well, all but one. But I can’t complain about this, now can I?

No biggie.

With my stenciling project, I used fabric paint, which is supposed to be soft and washable. For this project, I used wall paint. I could have purchased a fabric medium to mix in, but I wanted this project to be free, so I opted to take a risk with the wall paint. Really though, I felt that there was barely any risk involved with this project. It was easy, not too time consuming, and cost me nothing. Also, I wasn’t attached to my navy curtains at all (partially because they already had a white paint stain on them from a sloppy door painting job a few months ago). If the project failed, I would only be disappointed because I liked the idea of free striped curtains.

Luckily, I’m happy with the way they turned out! I can already picture this room as another nursery. Tan, navy, white, black, a little red — I suppose all it needs is a little boy and a crib! But I’m getting way ahead of myself. (AKA: new baby = not on radar)

Here is the “closed curtain” look:

So very nautical, no?

(Please pay no mind to my lopsided photography skills…)

The second project that I started – the one with the cloth in the bathtub – is still sitting on my dining room table waiting for me to get working on it. I have to do measuring stuff first, so I’m putting it off. I’ll probably get back to in in April. Don’t hold your breath.


12 responses to “Seeing Stripes

  1. Woohoo! I won!!! What do I win? A fabulous trip to Minnesota? 🙂

    The curtains are too cute. I really need to get on the crafting bug… I just don’t know what to start on yet.

    I wanna know what the other project is… Maybe another sneak peek?

  2. The curtains are really cute! I love stripes!!!

  3. They look awesome! I had no idea you could paint white on blue!

  4. Navy blue and white are my two favorite colors to wear…I got made fun of all of the time when I was teaching because I only wore 5 colors: white, black, navy, yellow, and green. To make matters worse, I usually sported some sort of animal on all of my clothing. No joke, my closet is embarrassing.

  5. I love how you’re so crafty! Good job, honey! I love them!

  6. Cool! I never thought about using wall paint for fabric. How does it feel to the touch on the fabric?

    Great job, and thanks for linking up with the Winter Pinterest Challenge!


    • Well, it feels like wall paint on fabric. I wouldn’t use it to paint a bedspread. 🙂 However, the curtains are not as stiff as I expected at all, and I think they’ll soften/loosen up over time. I’d definitely recommend using wall paint for the free-ness factor. Thanks for stopping by!

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