Free Fro-Yo

I was supposed to post a picture yesterday revealing the first finished “something” that I mentioned Sunday night. However, we were missing some necessary hardware so the finishing touches had to wait until today. Then, it was so nice outside this afternoon (nearly 70 whopping degrees!), so I had to ignore the inside of my house for awhile and enjoy some time out and about. And since I’d rather have day time pictures, I’ll have to wait to take them until tomorrow. I’m sure everyone reading this is sobbing now. Right?

I’m glad I didn’t waste any of the precious warm daylight taking pictures of something inside my house. We had a lot more fun eating our weight in frozen yogurt downtown at Yotopia. Yotopia is basically a frozen yogurt bar, where you self-serve the yogurt flavor and amount of your choosing, then adorn it with the 100 topping options, ranging from Nutella sauce to goji berries. It’s all very trendy, which makes it even more fun. Also, it’s expensive. 39 cents an ounce sounds cheap until you realize you put ten too many oreo cookies atop your mountain of dairy goodness.

We happened to have a Groupon deal to use today: $5 for $10 worth of yogurt. This made the trip especially fun. I didn’t worry a thing about how much my treat was going to cost so I layed everything on real thick. I had cranberry-hibiscus yogurt (sound gross, but not) with blueberries, raspberries, goji berries (taste like nothing, but fun to eat), and gummi bears (because they were so tiny and cute). Oh, are those Raisinets? I love Raisinets – I’ll throw some of those in there, too! I like feeling like I’m getting free stuff.

Actually, I’m convinced this is why Groupon is so popular. Sure, it’s great to get good deals on things, but the fact that you feel like you’re not paying for anything by the time you redeem your coupon is what makes it really sweet. Who doesn’t love free stuff (that they actually paid for)?

Charlotte and I walked home while Chris stayed in town to work (*tear*). I made her a healthy dinner of scrambled eggs with spinach and a clementine, read her a couple of books, and put her to bed. Since then I’ve been so bored that I’ve resorted to writing three paragraphs about frozen yogurt on this blog. Sorry.

Here’s a picture from a couple of weeks ago of a freshly bathed Charlotte with her adorable little curls. Enjoy!

What’s that? You’d like to see another? Well since you asked…

Sneaky sneaky!


2 responses to “Free Fro-Yo

  1. holy cow… frozen yogurt is so amazingly dangerous! We even buy Winston puppy yogurt…what a rip off!

    I love Charlotte’s curls! She’s so stinking cute!

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