Diapers and Dress-up

Tomorrow is my first day back to teaching since Thursday morning. It is also the first day of the third (and last – whoa!) trimester of the school year and the day our superintendent visits my classroom 6th hour. After five and a half days away from teaching, I’m feeling a little rusty. Hopefully I can pull it together and don’t look like an idiot. At least I have my cute outfit!

Thursday morning I left work and brought a little stomach bug home with me. By Thursday night, Chris had it; by Friday afternoon I was feeling better; and by Saturday morning, Chris was, too. I don’t want to jinx us, but so far, Charlotte has been healthy as a horse! This is the second time Charlotte has been victorious against the evil bug that has plagued both her parents at once. Thatta girl! Frankly, I have no idea how to handle a sick, barfing child. I prefer not to think about that possibility. Let’s just say it’s never going to happen, okay?

Since we didn’t have a snow day this year, I had a day off yesterday and a grading day today. When the kids aren’t at school, I never feel like I’m working no matter how much grading or planning I have to do. It’s awesome.

One thing I really enjoy about staying home with Charlotte is how clean my house gets. I just clean a little bit here and there as I’m doing other things, and before I know it I’m drowning in sparkle and shine. This makes me happy. I LOVE me a clean home. If I were a stay at home mom, I’d be in Clean Home Heaven.

And because I’m on the theme of cleanliness, here is a picture of Charlotte in a laundry basket:

Ahoy, Daddy!

In other news, we bought Luna a diaper.

Why? Oh why?

I’ll let that sink in for second.

Yes, in the winter especially, our little lady pup suffers from Dainty Booty Syndrome and would much prefer to do her business in the comfort of a warm house on a plush rug rather than outside in the muddy, wintery grass. A diaper solves this problem. She won’t pee in it. It just forces her to hold it in until we let her out. Hallelujah. And why didn’t we think of this sooner?

We have big plans in the work for our kitchen and family room: new floors and cabinet painting! We’re getting rid of the carpet and outdated linoleum and replacing it with a durable and much better looking laminate. We really like this style/color by Pergo:

Photo (and Pergo) from Lowes.com

It’s called Gunstock Butternut, and I think I like the name even more than the color. [Side note: I always think of a race horse….And here comes Gunstock Butternut pulling ahead for the win!] In real life, the color is darker and much less yellow than it’s reading on my screen. In fact, it doesn’t have yellow tones at all. We wanted to pick a color that is obviously and purposefully different than our hardwood in the living and bedrooms because we figure that if we try to match them, it will end up looking more fake. The new floors paired with my new white cabinets will look fab. And hopefully, we’ll get to enjoy the new look for more than a year….(Chris, maybe you should slow down on your PhD work.) (Kidding. Kind of.)

Finally, between trips to Menards, Lowes, and the Doggy Diaper Shop, Charlotte had a lot of fun playing dress-up this weekend in Mama and Daddy’s attire:

Exhibit A:

Cinderella lost her slipper...

Exhibit B:

...but then she thought, "To heck with Prince Charming," and ditched the ole pumpkin carriage for a tricked out Harley. Such a rebel.

I had so much fun spending the long weekend (minus the sick part) with this fun little kid. We’re looking forward to our mini-vacay to Minneapolis with the Pudwills in two weeks followed by a very long and anxiously-awaited visit to Glen Ellyn to FINALLY meet cousin Sadie!


6 responses to “Diapers and Dress-up

  1. You get the cutest pictures of Charlotte! I love, love, love the picture of her in the laundry basket!

  2. I can’t wait for the mini vacay either!!! It will be so much fun… even if all we did was laze around. 🙂

    I did notice that Luna didn’t want to go out in the cold, who would want to? Cute diapers though.

    Excited for you house projects. It will look awesome. What did you get me into??? First mommy blogs, now house blogs!

  3. What a doll! Charlotte the actress.
    I’m excited about your new flooring. Dad and I are going to replace the carpet in the family room too. I might copy your Pergo choice… 😉
    Btw…Wrigley pee’s in his doggie diaper. Figures.

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