Teacher Fashion

I (stupidly) agreed to host the superintendant of our district in my 6th period class during his visit to my school next week. I didn’t think about this when I said yes, but that day will also mark the first day of the third trimester, which means the kids will get mixed up into all new class periods. This could either be really good or really bad. Can you say NERVOUS?

So, obviously, I need to look particularly put-together that day. No pajama jeans and Ugg boots, in other words.*

Twist my arm, I guess I better go shopping!

I got a very cute and comfy navy striped dress on sale at Old Navy, and I tried it on with an orange blazer, brown tights, and brown riding boots I had at home. Then we took some pictures, and this is where it gets awkward.

Chris told me to pose, and this is what I came up:





Yep, shoulda been a model.

Frankly, I feel very awkward posing for pictures all by myself. (Even though it appears to be all the rage on facebook…) But I sucked it up to prove to myself and the world that one day I actually did show up to work looking pretty hip. (But then I used the word hip and instantly all my hipness vanished. Seriously, when I turn into my mom and start saying hip?**)

See, it’s a cute dress on its own, too. Superintendant-visiting worthy, I think!

I'm not as embarrassed by this one because I'm not posing, even though I look a tiny bit pregnant. (Maybe I am?? Don't ask though; that's rude.) Too bad I'll never let you see the others. They are really quite ridiculous.

And now, here’s my fashionable baby!

Shoe shopping, Mama?

*For the record, I do NOT own pajama jeans. Though they sound wonderful.

**If I start using the word hip, do you think it will become hip again?


9 responses to “Teacher Fashion

  1. Absolutely darling outfit!!

  2. This time, I want to bite YOU!!

  3. I LOVE the outfit!!!!

  4. Oh, btw…I have a very “hip” tattoo…! LOL!

  5. Adorable! It’s so hard to find outfits that are appropriate for teaching but also fun to wear–this dress nails it.

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