It Keeps Gettin’ Better

Playing at the library:

A plastic baguette and a rocking dragon! Weee!

Have I mentioned how much fun this age is?

As it turns out, every age is the most fun age in the world – even more fun than the last somehow. And even when you think you can’t love the kid any more, you wake up the next day and you do.

Maybe this is because she plays telephone with empty pop bottles. (Or anything else that’s in her hand. Or her hand itself.)


See her cool sock/shoes? These are from Grandma Amy. Grandma came to visit this weekend!

Um, okay. I guess we'll call that a smile.

Charlotte is such a fast learner – she can now point out who Grandma is! (When Grandma is standing next to her, of course.)

And next weekend, Charlotte will get to see her Bremer/Campbell family and finally meet this little bug:

Charlotte's favorite cousin, Sadie! And my favorite niece!

Hi Sadie! I love you! I hope Charlotte doesn’t poke you in the eye when she meets you!


4 responses to “It Keeps Gettin’ Better

  1. Charlotte is adorable and brilliant! She knows her grandmas….and she can whistle and play peek-a-boo! Adored by all!!!

  2. If Charlotte pokes Sadie’s eye, I’ll push her down. That’s fair, right??

    • You should just teach Sadie that if someone does something that she doesn’t like, she should do it back. That’s what we’re teaching Charlotte.

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