Oh, That was easy.

Introducing Charlotte’s newest expression: “The O”

Usually, however, her eyes are open, but you get the point, and this picture is funny. The O is not just an expression for surprise or astonishment. Charlotte likes to make this face when we get her out of bed, when someone looks at her and smiles, when someone says her name, or when she’s reading a book. In other words, it’s just another fun thing to do. Like everything else she does, it’s basically the cutest thing ever.

Here’s another cute picture: Charlotte and her bff, Madeline, at the mall trying on matching sunglasses.

Wait, did I say trying on? I meant ripping off.

Sunglasses? In your dreams, Mom.

Gotta love these little girls!


Oh, and P.S. I put Charlotte to bed without her sucker tonight because we left it in the car and didn’t feel like going out to get it. I figured I’d just see how it went. I figured there would probably be some fussing and perhaps even some screaming if we let her fuss long enough and she wasn’t able to get to sleep. Nope and Nope. What about some additional “awake time,” babbling in her crib? Again, nope. The little sprout went right to sleep. Easy-peasy.

So now I’m wondering…do I get rid of the sucker now since she doesn’t seem too attached to it? But it’s still so helpful at times, particularly in the car when she’s tired of staring at the back of the seat. However, I’d prefer not having to deal with the situation when she’s old enough to understand that we’ve taken it away. Maybe we’ll try limiting the sucker to car rides and “emergencies in public places.”






8 responses to “Oh, That was easy.

  1. I love, love, love the O face!!! So cute!!!

  2. I think she looks like Mary in the sunglasses picture! Cutie pie!

  3. That’s Sadie’s favorite face too…while crossing her eyes as well!

  4. Joe had a sucker stashed when I threw his away. He was crafty even back then!

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