14 Month Flashback

Today is Charlotte’s 14 month birthday! We are getting beyond the point of celebrating every month, but I still like to think about it and reflect a little bit. I remember a year ago when she turned two months old vividly. It was only my second week back at school after maternity leave and I wrote, “Two month old baby,” on the board next to my agenda. I did that every month thereafter. That day I remember thinking that I couldn’t believe she was already two whole months old! Ha! And then when I wrote her birthday note down at three months, I was even more flabbergasted that another entire month had passed! And yada yada yada.

I suppose I might be getting annoying with all these nostalgic posts lately.

Too bad. My blog.


Anywhoodles, I’m writing a post about the parenting books I’ve read since Charlotte was born. It’s taking me a while, but I’ll have it finished for tomorrow so check back!

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One response to “14 Month Flashback

  1. Anywhoodles! LOL!

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