Remember this

A few things I want to remember about my daughter at 14 months old:

1) She knows so much. Today, she pulled a finger toothbrush for babies out of a kitchen drawer. They look nothing like real toothbrushes, as they are clear little finger “socks” with tiny rubbery bristles to clean the child’s (or dog’s) teeth. I said to the babysitter, “Oh she found the little toothbrush,” and Charlotte, hearing me, stuck it in her mouth and started brushing her teeth. Then I started gushing and squealing and getting all Mommy-proud. Which makes me think: perhaps this isn’t so amazing. I know she knows what “brush your teeth” means, but I just didn’t know she knew the word toothbrush that well. Plus, I wasn’t even talking to her in my baby voice!!!

2) She is learning how to be a picky eater. (Sigh. I thought I had at least another six months before that adventure begins.) She’s had a lingering cold for the past few weeks and her appetite hasn’t been stellar. She does best at breakfast, lunch is pretty good, and dinner is hit or miss. Lucky me gets the dinner shift every night, and sometimes I feel like she’s getting all her calories from milk. Tonight, the guacamole and veggie brat were nixed. All she would eat were a few bites of mixed vegetables (I know, vegetables?) and string cheese. Eh, could be worse.

3) Chris told me, that every morning when he gets Charlotte up and out of bed for the day, she looks for me and calls out “Mama?” as they pass by our room. *Totally melts my heart* (And also makes me die a little inside for not being there. Ugh-Mommy guilt sucks!) (P.S. How come there is no such thing as Daddy guilt? Unfair if you ask me.)

4) Charlotte was born with dark brown hair, went bald at one month old, was fuzzy blond until six months old, went bald again, and now has thick light brown hair that is growing almost as fast as her finger nails. Seriously, from bald to thick part-able hair in seven months takes talent.

5) Going back to the eating thing…I didn’t mention that she also will pick food out of her mouth if you try to sneak something in that she doesn’t want. For example, don’t try to sneak in a bite of veggie burger if all she really wants is peas. Her fingers will find that mashed up soy and toss it down to the dogs faster than you can even say veggie burger.

6) I’m almost afraid to say this out loud because I fear I might jinx us, but Charlotte actually loves going to bed. See, this is why I think she’s smart: she already knows at such a young age that “nigh nigh” really is the best part of the day. In fact, I start my countdown to bedtime the moment I wake up and drag my pathetic I-slept-in-again butt out of bed.

7) Charlotte had her first tender moment with a toy. Mimi gave her a little music box doll when she was born that I’ve kept sitting on her book shelf. About a month ago, I remembered to let her play with it after showing her that it plays music. (It also rolls it’s head, which is kind of creepy.) She fell in love! Even though it’s more of a decorative doll than one you might want to play with, the fact that it plays music is reason enough for Charlotte to form an obsession. She loves to watch that head roll round and round and listen to it hum “You are my Sunshine” as we sit in the rocker together. Last night, she held the doll up between her cheek and her shoulder for the sweetest hug. *Heart is now a puddle*

8) Tonight, one of my nightmares came true. Charlotte fell of the changing table. It was horrible; I’m not even going to write about it. Somehow, miraculously, Charlotte wasn’t hurt. No bumps or bruises or trips to the ER. There were some tears for a minute or two, but then she was fine. Still, terrifying.

9) Finally, our nightly ritual (most nights at least). This time she was definitely camera-shy, but I think you can still get the point.




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