Little Shoes

I really don’t like shoes lying around my house. A pair or two out per person is okay (as long as they are somewhere shoes should be, like by the door), but more than that and I get annoyed. (Poor Chris.)

Not cute.

But these little shoes, these sweet, adorable, precious pink shoes, I never mind seeing tossed haphazardly on the floor.

(I may have arranged these a little bit.)

In fact, I love passing by them because they remind me how incredible this time in our lives is right now. They remind me that underneath any uncertainties or worry or sadness I may be experiencing on a given day, there is happiness. I am truly happy.

The time for little shoes is fleeting, and I am soaking it up.


One response to “Little Shoes

  1. I’m the same way with shoes! One pair out is enough.

    I can’t wait for Brooke to have little shoe all over the house! She just started wearing them this week. Usually she kicks one off one shoe while I’m still trying to put the other one on.

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