Conference Night 2

I had conferences after school today again, which are basically the worst days. I leave for work before Charlotte gets up, and come home at night after Charlotte goes to bed. This time around, however, I decided Charlotte would come to conferences with me for a little while. I know other teachers that have brought their kids, so I knew it would be okay. So Charlotte and her babysitter, Patrice, joined me at school for a little while during drop-in conferences. I only had three parents during that time, so I even had time to play! (The parents loved seeing Charlotte, by the way. Obviously.) They left before the scheduled conferences started at 5:30 because I was pretty booked up.

Charlotte stayed up late tonight so that I could put her to bed when i got home. We took some pictures to celebrate my homecoming.


Diaper! Tummy!


2 responses to “Conference Night 2

  1. Your new camera takes fantastic pictures. What a great investment.

  2. Thanks! I’m so glad we upgraded. I wish we’d done so sooner! Oh well!

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