I believe this has been the warmest January I’ve experienced in my life. Just last year, in the first days of February, the weather looked like this. Yesterday it was 55 degrees; today it was 60. I wore capris and just a little zip-up sweater to take the dog and baby for a walk. WHAT?! I like the temperature a lot, but I also think it’s a little cruel for Winter to lead me on like this. It feels like Spring is just around the corner, but that is so not true.

Anyway, the weather isn’t really what this post is about. When we got home from our walk, Charlotte did something that I don’t want to forget. She walked over to the dogs’ cage, picked up Luna’s empty food/water dish, exclaimed: wa-wa, then walked into the kitchen and lifted the bowl up to the sink. Again, WHAT?! When did you learn this, my dear? Every day you amaze me. Every day.


4 responses to “Responsibilities

  1. Bob said the dogs taught her….she is a feral child! LOL You are such great parents! Love you….Bob is protesting his responsibility for this comment! Ha!

  2. She’s brilliant……..and cute. The kids got it all!!! LOL

  3. She is a genius and so cute! A lucky little girl to be so surrounded by love!

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