Mr. B.S.

Many children have one special toy that earns its place as the “most important one.” This toy brings the child peace, comfort, and familiarity, and in return, the child’s love for this toy is unwavering. Some children have a special doll, others a stuffed animal, others a blanket. My brother, Joe, had a Teddy affectionately named Boo Bear. For years, Boo Bear went everywhere with us. He was so loved that his body almost completely disintegrated – Boo Bear today is only a head with a few dangling strings. Once Boo Bear almost drowned in a “boating accident” in Northern Wisconsin. I think having no body actually saved him from sinking before we turned our boat around to rescue him.

John and I had blankets, or “bankees.” I rubbed the corners down to strings, and John preferred the zipper. Like Boo Bear, our blankies also took a beating. Currently, my blankie is a pile of rags sitting in my closet at home. I can’t bring myself to throw it away.

Before and after Charlotte was born, we have received drawer-fulls of adorable blankets, stuffed animals, dolls, and other soft toys. Each time I folded a new, adorable blanket into her drawer and tucked a new stuffed animal into her toy boxes and shelves, I wondered, “Will this be the one?” I certainly had no preference, as everything seemed darling and loveable to me (oh yeah, and it’s not really about me, is it?), but I was expecting her to choose something…

Of everything our unabashedly spoiled daughter has, these are the belongings that she’s chosen. These are the items she loves. These items bring her comfort….

Hair brush, spray bottle for cloth wipes, diaper cream, bulb syringe, music box detached from her mobile, toothbrush

I hope you are laughing. I am.

Tonight, while her fleece and satin blankets, soft Teddys, and sweet dolls sat alone in her room, Mr. Bulb Syringe accompanied us to dinner out. Charlotte happily held on to Mr. B.S. pretty much all night. Occasionally she’d stick him in her mouth. Once or twice she dropped him on the floor, but like Boo Bear, he was dutifully rescued. Whatever makes her happy.


4 responses to “Mr. B.S.

  1. LOL LOL LOL!! She’s a riot!!!!!

  2. I sent you the picture of her by the window the music box she was carrying around, didn’t I?
    So sweet!

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