I haven’t been posting as much as usual lately because I’ve been frantically trying to complete Charlotte’s photo book before a discount deadline (today). The good news is that I did finally finish it an hour before day ends, and I managed to make a second mini-book, too (which I’ll share details about another day). The bad news is that I couldn’t even use the discount because I was planning on using Groupons I’d purchased back in March of last year. Turns out that I didn’t read the fine print and, of course, there is no coupon code combining allowed. Bums to the mummer.

At least the thought of saving seventy dollars (yes, SEVENTY) forced me to get these gal dang books done and ordered. They should be showing up at our door by February 8th. I.can’t.wait.

While I have been neglecting the blog a little, I’ve still been a dutiful Charlotte-photographer, and I have lots of new pictures from this weekend and today to share! Since it’s midnight and I have teach 150 kids in eight hours, I’ll try my hand at brevity and include just a couple of our favorites.

Daddy and daughter with Grandpa and Grandma Doran on Sunday:

Oral hygiene:

The Pic of the Day: (I call it, “Miss Muscle Tee”)

You wanna piece of me?


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