Holy Molars!

Last night, Charlotte was so excited about bath time, she decided to show off her molars:


Today, Charlotte’s babysitter, Patrice, came for the first time in a month (due to University’s holiday break), and Patrice couldn’t believe how much Charlotte had changed. First of all, she couldn’t walk a month ago so that’s obviously a big difference, but also she knows so many more words, has a lot more hair, communicates better, knows so many new things, and somehow managed to get even cuter! (Ok, I added that last part in. But it’s true.)

The same things happened to me this past month, but I don’t like to brag.

Here’s our Lil C droppin’ it like it’s hot to Daddy’s music tonight. (For the first ten seconds of the video only. I hereby grant permission to skip the rest if you don’t care to don’t have time to watch babies walk around babbling.)



4 responses to “Holy Molars!

  1. That is sooo cute… And watching that video, I finally figured out where I left my nursing cover. Your house! Hahaha… Silly me. I’ve been going bonkers looking for that thing. Why do I keep on leaving stuff at your house? (Probably an excuse to see you guys again)

  2. I simply cannot get enough of these! xoxo

  3. She is so cute and so happy! Lucky little family! Can’t wait to see you all again and watch Charlotte entertain herself exploring her domain!

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