A New Cousin!

Today is a big day: Charlotte has her first cousin!!!!

My cousin, Amanda, and her husband, Steve, welcomed little Sadie Jane to the family late this morning! Sadie is insanely cute (and healthy, too)! We are so happy and excited!

Exclamation points!!!!!

It will be so fun for our family to watch Charlotte and Sadie grow up together. My brothers and I were lucky to grow up close to our all cousins, and I know we all consider each other some of our best friends. And Amanda and Mary are like my sistas from anotha mista…and motha…(Is that how it goes?), which is why I’m so thrilled for Charlotte and Sadie! I’m also thrilled that Charlotte will have a built-in friend to grow up with and laugh at their mothers about when they are older.

Tonight I showed Charlotte pictures of “Baby Sadie” on the computer, and she pointed to the screen and exclaimed, “LaLa!” I don’t think this is a nickname. I just think she didn’t know what else to say. Good story though, huh?


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