The Numbers

I have a Groupon for Mixbook, an online photobook maker, that I need to use by January 25th. When I bought it last March, I knew I wanted to save it until it nearly expired so that I could make an album of Charlotte’s first year.


I’ve been going though all my hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds) of baby photos and flagging my favorites as I go along. Let me tell you, this took awhile. And I picked the very best, cutest, funniest pictures that I feel truly captured Sprouty’s first wonderful year.

All 458 of them. And this number does not include her monthly photos. I was going to choose them last since, you know, there are so many of ’em. Based on the way I’ve been choosing pictures, this process would probably add another hundred to my list.

When I proudly told Chris how many pictures I had meticulously selected, he had to go and do the math. According to his calculations, our book will cost us approximately three hundred dollars. And I was planning on ordering two.

Well, crap.

I am currently brainstorming new book ideas.

Meanwhile, I’ll share some gems that never “made the blog.” Can you see why it’s so hard for me to whittle my number down?

Eating a book, 6 months

Cool baby, 6 months

Packed up and playing, 7 months

The Examination, (nearly) 12 months

Love at first sight, 12/07/10

Oops, how'd that get in here...? Oct. 31, 2010




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