Little by Little

Charlotte’s added some new words to her repertoire since I wrote this post last month.

Nose, Water, Ball, Bye-bye, Milk, Book.

This is how these words sound when she says them: Nuh, Wa-wa, Bah, Bah-Bye (pretty good!), Muh, Buh. So basically, Chris and I are the only two people who can understand her English.

She also has adapted her version of Buddy (Buh-buh) to Boo-boo or just Boo, which is what I happen to call him anyway.

I’m hoping her next word will be “please.” I’ve always wanted a well-mannered toddler!

(Chris just sent me this message while we were discussing her new words over facebook chat:
“I can’t wait until she says ‘dump’!” He’s not referring to the verb, people. It made me laugh.)



One response to “Little by Little

  1. When will she say “beef”???? 😉

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