The Teenage Months

Charlotte is thirteen months old today, and I can’t help but think of her as a baby teenager. I mean, these days she’s taken to dropping her unwanted food and cups to the floor from her high chair, pursing her lips shut when I try to brush her eleven teeth, and giggling when we have to tell her no.

She is also quite the social butterfly. She’ll let almost anyone hold her (except Santa), and will burst into flaughter whenever she hears others laughing (or just a lull in conversation – her perfect opportunity). Last night, we took her to a restaurant to meet some of my co-workers after work. She shamelessly flirted with a little boy who had no interest in her, and then turned her attention to an older couple who gave her exactly the response she wanted. She flashed her biggest smiles, waved, and squealed at them every so often in order to keep them interested. She already knows how to work a crowd.

I’m considering all this preparation.

I love you, Girlfriend!

But Mo-om, all the girls' shorts are this short!


One response to “The Teenage Months

  1. She sure is something special!! Hugs to little missy!

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