The first of 2012

I’m back after an extended holiday blogging, working, and daily life in general break. The last time I wrote we were still in Boone, and since then we’ve come home, visited Glen Ellyn, and come back home. It was nice to spend so much time with family, but it feels good to unpack and settle in at home for awhile.

We were lucky to see tons of family over the past week and a half. We did Christmas Eve and day with Chris’s dad and extended Doran family, a late Christmas with Chris’s mom, and New Years with a lot of my extended family. Charlotte got a lot of attention and had a lot of late nights. But she’s a trooper and did so well. Her only cranky night was on Christmas day; she must have figured Santa will forget by next year.

I had a great time being lazy. I didn’t get as much grading done as I was supposed to, I lounged in comfy clothes, and I watched a lot of House Hunters International at night. By the way, what does a girl have to do to get rich enough to buy a luxurious vacation home in the French countryside?

Another way I was lazy: I didn’t take many pictures. Sad news. The time just slipped by before I realized I didn’t have a picture to show for it. I tried to make up for it by taking lots of good ones on New Years Day when the family gathered at Aunt Beth and Alistair’s house.

Madam Ham


Another kiss on the lips from Robbie.


Thanks to all our family for having us over the holidays, and for showering us all with unnecessary yet very appreciated gifts. I’m looking forward to 2012. I think, despite anything, having a child to your life will make any year great. When I think of 2011, I only think of the good parts, and there were many of those for sure!

Also, thanks to all of you blog readers out there! I love having an audience to share my stories with. It’s been a lot of fun for me, so keep reading and commenting! Please. 🙂


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