Charlotte played with her Great-grandma Pat this afternoon, and (surprise!) I took a lot of pictures. They make a cute pair!

Story time

Play time


This reminds me: All four of Charlotte’s great-grandmothers are alive and well, and Charlotte loves them all. I knew one of my great-grandmothers, Gigi, but I don’t think I saw her as often as Charlotte gets to see her “greats” because she lived in Salt Lake City. And since there weren’t digital cameras way back in the 80’s, there are only a few of pictures of Gigi and I together. (Like, maybe three.) I think Charlotte is very blessed to have her wonderful great-grandmas play such an active role in her life. (And three cheers for digital cameras!)

Charlotte with my grandma, "Kiki," on the 4th of July.

With Chris's grandma, Margaret, in May.

With my grandma, "Mimi," in June.

We love you, Great-grandmas!


*Side note: Wow, look at the difference in the quality of the top three pictures compared to the last three! Why didn’t we get this amazing camera sooner???


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