Cloth Diaper Update

A few people have asked me how cloth diapering is going, so here’s an update.

The short answer is: It’s been going well!

The last time I updated the blog about cloth diapers we were just getting started with them and were testing out few different brands. We tried bum Genius 4.0, Rumparooz, and Fuzzibunz. The website we ordered through (diaperjunction) was offering a deal that month that gave away a free cloth diaper (of a brand of their choice) for orders over $50. They sent us a green Diaper Rite pocket diaper. All four of these brands are one-size, pocket-style diapers, which basically means they are adjustable to fit your baby from infancy to potty training, and their waterproof shells are stuffed with microfiber, hemp, or cotton inserts to absorb the pee. In other words, they are not your mother’s cloth diapers.

Between the three brands we ordered on trial, we liked bumGenius the best. They fit Charlotte nicely, and they keep her dry. The others were fine for day time use, but overnights were hit or miss. (We need something heavy-duty since Charlotte sleeps for 12-14 hours.) So we returned the Fuzzibunz and Rumparooz and ordered a few more bumGenius for 17.95 a pop. I know, expensive, right? Surprisingly, this is about average for this cloth diapering style.

We also ended up liking the free Diaper Rite brand. We were only using it during the day since it only came with one insert (since it was free), but for $10 a diaper, we couldn’t pass them up. We ended up ordering four more.

Here’s our colorful stash:

We have enough to last about two and a half days, at which point we wash them all at once – first on cold, then on hot, then a rinse cycle to get them extra clean. We store them in a Planet Wise wet bag, which somehow holds in both the moisture and smell. As for the poops, they get dumped right into the toilet. And if it’s a sticky one, we installed a sprayer onto our toilet to get it done. It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. (Chris)

Writing this out makes it seem like a lot of work, but it’s really not bad. Dirty diapers aren’t fun any way you do them, so it’s not like we turned something great into a chore. I’m sure we’ll save plenty of money in the long run (with multiple children), and it always makes us feel good every time we don’t contribute another disposable diaper to the landfill. 

Oh, and they also look adorable on Charlotte, if I do say so myself.




2 responses to “Cloth Diaper Update

  1. I’m going to bite Charlotte in this picture. Remind me to read this post after the newborn pooping phase.

  2. You can bite her all you want in a week!

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