Ah duh!

These past few weeks Charlotte has been surprising us with new things she’s learned almost every day. Frankly, it’s becoming a little hard to keep up with in my documentation. 🙂 For the past few days, Charlotte’s new favorite phrase is “Ah duh!” All done, in English. She has shown us that being all done does not only apply to finishing up a meal or ending a book before bed. To Charlotte, all done is an appropriate thing to say when she wakes up in the morning or from a nap and is waiting for us to get her out of her crib. All done can also be exclaimed after riding in the car for an hour so Mommy and Daddy can do boring errands. And of course, all done, like any other phrase really, is the perfect thing to repeat over and over when crawling through the house, because why not?

And today, during an uncharacteristically sad and mommy-attached moment this afternoon, little sprouty muttered Ah duh through her tears when mommy picked her up to comfort her. Tugged at my tender little mommy heart strings.


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