Meeting Mr. Claus

Charlotte finally met Santa today! We meant to go yesterday, but Chris came down with a quick and dirty flu bug Friday night and needed to sleep most of Saturday to recover. Coincidentally, I happened to lose my voice on Friday (really, voice=gone), and Saturday was no better. Poor Charlotte was stuck with barfy daddy and mute mommy.

Thankfully, Chris is totally better today, so we dressed Charlotte in her too-small yet totally adorable Santa-seeing-outfit and headed over to the mall. (I still don’t have my voice back, but who needs a voice to go shopping?)

Everyone who responded to my poll the other day guessed that Charlotte would not cry when meeting Santa. Of course, this is what we were hoping for, too! Let’s see how she did….


words to take up space

words words words

space space space

more wordy wordy words

last words

Okay, the reveal:


Turns out Charlotte does not heart Santa after all.

Oh well. Until next year, Santa! (Isn’t he the cutest?)


2 responses to “Meeting Mr. Claus

  1. Totally didn’t see that coming from Charlotte. She usually loves everyone. Well, unless she gets left in a house of Asians for more than 15 minutes. *wink wink*. Maybe we can do it together next year. Madeline will cry and Charlotte will show her how it’s done.

    I look at pictures of Charlotte while I’m at work because I miss Madeline and I feel like a crazy person just watching videos and pictures of Madeline all day. So I break it up and look at Charlotte. Then I miss Charlotte too! 🙂

  2. That is so sweet, Carla…and funny! Had fun with you three tonight!

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