For Aunt Jenn…

Baby's first chapter book...

Baby's first crush...

Baby's first obsession

Did someone say banana?

Whoops. Baby’s second obsession.


*Speaking of popular young adult book series, The Hunger Games trilogy is way better than Twilight. AMAZING. Read it, you’ll see.

**(I still fully admit to having thoroughly enjoyed reading the sappy, poorly written, annoying chararctered Twilight series. And paying ten dollars to see all the movies in the theater. And going to a meet-and-greet for one of the film’s actors. And falling in love with a fictional character. Team Edward all the way.)


4 responses to “Twihard

  1. I just finished all the Hunger Games books. Oh my, they were sooooo good! I couldn’t put them down! Can’t wait for the movie in a few months!!!

  2. I know! I’m obsessed! I just bought the hardcover boxed set with my scholastic points…hehe.

  3. Katy, I didn’t know you liked Twilight! We could have been discussing it for years! Looks like I need to read the Hunger Game books now.

  4. You need to get Charlotte a Team Peeta shirt!

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