How do you think Charlotte will do on Santa’s lap this weekend? (!!!!) Tears or no tears?




8 responses to “Poll

  1. I think no tears! 🙂 Can’t wait to see those photos.

  2. I’m thinking no tears!

  3. No tears. They’ll become best friends.

  4. No tears…and I bet she yanks on Santa’s beard!

  5. No tears, but lots of looks at that funny man with the beard!

  6. Chris and I are thinking she will cry. I hope you all are right!

  7. No tears, lots of screaming though!!! LOL

  8. Elliot refused to go near Santa. She was informed Santa wasn’t real at Target by one of our friends, and she was parading around the store yelling “Santa’s not a real guy! Santa’s not a real guy!” much to the chagrin of other parents. Then we went to Macy’s downtown and saw Santa and she froze and said, “MOM, Santa’s a real guy” and wouldn’t even say hello to him. If you could read tone over the internet, this would be infinitely more hilarious.

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