First Birthday Girl

Well, The Big Day has come and gone, and we all survived Charlotte’s graduation from infancy to toddlerhood. (I only shed a little tear over lunch. Ok, a few little tears. She’s my baby!) Our special girl had a pretty typical day actually. She went to Tot Time in the morning, napped, spent time with the babysitter, then went to Walmart before bed. She might have been slathered with extra hugs and kisses, too, but she hardly notices that fanfare anymore. She got to open one present today and was much more impressed by the shiny paper and cardboard box than the boring clothes inside (an adorable sweater dress and leggings that she might debut this weekend). Since both Mommy and Daddy had to work today (boo!), we’re saving all the birthday excitement for this weekend. All of Charlotte’s grandparents will be here, including two great-grandmas and an uncle! There will be singing and cake and cute decorations that I’ve been slaving over and lot and lots of picture-taking. We are so excited to celebrate with Charlotte’s biggest fans.

I mentioned yesterday that I was considering writing Charlotte’s birth story. I started writing tonight and realized I wanted to begin her story a little before her birth – about nine months before. I’m trying to keep it brief, but I also want to record everything I remember. Time likes to steal the little random memories from us, and those are the memories I want to hold on to the most so I can share then with Charlotte one day. (You know when she’ll appreciate them. So, twenty five — thirty years?)

Here’s a flashback to one of Charlotte’s first days in the hospital:

The hat that started it all: Meet "Sprout"

When I scroll through all my pictures really fast, I can watch Charlotte “grow” before my eyes. That’s exactly what it’s like in real life. This past year has been a wonderful, perfect, and altogether too fast blur.

Happy Happy First Birthday, Sweet Girl! You have added so much joy, love, and laughter to our lives. Daddy and I love you with our whole hearts forever.


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