Birthday Eve

One year ago exactly, I was in labor.

Whoa. I remember that.

I hadn’t gone to the hospital yet, but I was close. These were our last couple hours at home, just the two of us. And they sucked.

But I was so excited, and SO ready. Knowing that you’re going to meet your baby in matter of hours can get you through anything.

I haven’t written about Charlotte’s birth day yet, but I’ve always planned to. Perhaps tomorrow. Is that something I should put on a blog though? Not sure. 

In honor of Charlotte’s birthday-eve, I took her to the play area at the mall after a quick trip to Target. At first I thought the play area looked pretty dangerous because it has oversize fruit and books and crayons for kids to climb on that I assumed were made of a hard plastic or metal or something else very very hard. I also assumed the flooring was like office carpeting.

Luckily, this supposed danger didn’t stop me from letting Charlotte get out of her stroller to play, because I discovered this play area is state-of-the-art. Those hard plastic/metal-y fruits and books are actually like rubber. If a kid bonked her head on a giant mushroom, it would most likely just bounce right back. If another kid fell off the celery stalk slide, he’d probably bounce three times off the floor, because the floor is also made of rubber (or something). It’s all very springy. State-of-the-art.

Charlotte was certainly interested in the huge crayons and massive grapes, but she had the most fun watching the other kids running and climbing. I think her wheels are turning that she needs to learn to walk so she can have fun with them.

Then I got our her Cheerios and the rest of the world may as well have disappeared.

Thinking of Charlotte fast asleep, this thought occurred to me: I wonder whether Charlotte has ever dreamed about life back in the womb? I’m actually being serious. It was only one year ago. Oh my goodness: one year ago she was inside of me. And now look at her! I wonder if my mom still finds it hard to believe that her very old daughter was once living in her belly? Mom, what do you say?




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