12 Month Vocabulary Update

Words Charlotte can say:

Mama, Dada, Nana (banana), Baba, Bubba (Buddy), Nna (Luna), Muh (more), Nuh nuh nuh (no no no), Na-naa (night night [actually I’m not sure about this one. she could be saying banana. I changed my mind: Yes, I’m sure she’s saying “night night.”]), Ah-dah (All done), Lah (light, spoken while raising one or both of her hands), Muh (more)

Words we know Charlotte understands:

All of the above plus: Hi, Bye-bye, Hungry, Sucker (her pacifier), Outside, Kiss, Dada/Mama is home, Pet Buddy/Luna, High five, and probably a few more I’m forgetting.

Words Phrases we assume Charlotte understands:

Why are you crying?….Please just sit still, this will only take a minute…. Are you sure you don’t want to sleep in just a little bit later?….Where did your sock go?……What are you doing?….Mommy will be home soon….I love you.


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