Her Favorite Things

I know I’ve mentioned this before: Charlotte loves her pets, Buddy and Luna. And recently, she’s figured out how to show her affection for them besides pulling their hair. Charlotte now “pets” her doggies quite nicely. Really, she’s just hitting them in a sweet, gentle way. I guess we could say she “pats” her puppies. And we’re very proud. Gentleness with dogs – Check.

Chris and I also have been wondering what she’ll call Buddy and Luna. Both names aren’t the easiest to say when the most complicated word in your vocabulary is repeating a single syllable sound ending in A. Not to mention, like Spouty herself, Buddy and Luna have about a thousand and one nicknames. But little Charlotte’s got it under control – Buddy’s new name is Buh-Buh (notice, not ending in A [barely]!) and Luna’s new name, while it changes a little every time, generally sounds something like Nn-ah. Pretty close, I’d say!

Nn-ah doesn't run away from me now that I don't pull out her facial hair! Yahoo!

Charlotte had her 12 month check-up yesterday, and she got the doc’s stamp of approval for good health and development. Charlotte is now up to 22.5 pounds (still 75th percentile, still my big big baby love) and is 29 inches tall (54th percentile). I didn’t know this because I never get to go to the appointments (*tear*), but apparently they have also been measuring her head. And apparently her head size is perfectly average (right around the 50th percentile), and apparently this is just dandy, too.

We were also given the go-ahead to introduce eggs into her diet. I had the babysitter feed her one at lunch, and of course, she loved it and devoured it. Tonight, Charlotte feasted on healthy tempeh and kale for her second real meal with mama and daddy. 

The happy future vegetarian 🙂

Meal time is exciting! [Mostly because Mama was singing Sprouty’s all-time favorite song — One, two, three, four, five, Once I caught a fish alive….Anyone else outside my family know it? For whatever reason, it’s the only thing that will calm Charlotte down when she’s throwing a fit on the changing table (her recent nemesis). Babies are funny.]


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