Past Due

Happy one year anniversary of Charlotte’s due date to me and my baby! I remember this day being like all the others during the final weeks of my pregnancy – I was anxious, excited, and very ready to get what I imagined to be a thirty pound child out of me. I was pretty uncomfortable at this point with some back pain that made sitting and lying down no fun, but I still considered myself very lucky because I didn’t have swollen ankles. Can I get a hallelujah?

At the time, I felt like the nine days I had to wait beyond the 28th was an eternity. I felt like the I was the only woman in the world who ever had to wait so long for her baby. (Ha.) And I felt like punching the next person who posted, “Are you EVER going to have that baby?” on my facebook wall. 

But now, looking back, nine days was nothing. In fact, I almost wish she could have given me an extra couple of weeks; I have a lot of things to do before her birthday next Wednesday and party next Saturday. And I can’t forget all the mental prep I’m going to need in order to accept the fact that she is indeed a full year old (soon-to-be 18).

Thank goodness Charlotte wasn’t born on her due date.

I chose to include this picture because I think she looks so grown up here (and also a bit like a little boy with her stick-straight “crew cut” and blue diaper). I love this baby toddler!


One response to “Past Due

  1. I love that little toddler too!! Muwah!

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