Tot Time

We have another place to add to our laundry list of important places we live within walking distance of (my work, grocery store, movie theater, Von Maur, ice cream, park(s), pilates, etc., etc.) – a rec center! It’s actually right across the street, next to my school, but we’ve never used it but for voting. There is a pool, a big gym, and a workout room. And it only took us eleven months to figure out that there is Tot Time in the gym nearly every morning. Chris started taking Charlotte last week in the morning, and by the time they get home, she is so wiped out that she goes straight to bed for a two plus hour nap. This is great news for Chris.

Last week I got to join Charlotte and Daddy at Tot time for about 25 minutes over my lunch “hour.” (Remember, it’s right next door to my job.) It was so much fun seeing the little girl in action. She’s a speed demon with the push toys. She’s also a very cautious future driver, which make Chris and I very happy.

A baby's pink Cadillac

I was pretty obviously “the working mom.” I followed Charlotte around like an obnoxious puppy, only taking the camera off her face to grab her and annoy her with smooches. I better get a grip. If I keep embarrassing her like this, she’ll tell me just to eat lunch at work.

Oh well; one day she’ll thank me for all the pictures and videos I’ve taken. And if not, at least I know her grandparents do.


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