Baby Shower

Charlotte and I went home this weekend for my cousin Amanda’s baby shower! It was a very quick trip, but we packed a lot of quality baby-family time in. Charlotte saw most of her Campbell great-aunts. No wait: She saw all of them. We ran into Aunt Christine and Uncle Mark in a gas station in rural Illinois on Friday night as they were driving to the Quad Cities and we were on our way to Glen Ellyn. It was such a fun, random surprise! Charlotte also spent some QT with great-grandparents Mimi, Margaret, and Carl. She saw cousins, aunts, uncles, and great-uncles, too. Lucky, lucky baby. And I am a lucky, lucky mama because I got to spend some quality double cousin time with Mary at the movies while Grammy and Aunt Beth babysat. We shamelessly saw (and loved) Breaking Dawn. We wished Amanda could have come with us, but she had to go celebrate her husband’s birthday. I supposed that’s an acceptable excuse.

While we were very sad to leave this afternoon (and so sad that we won’t be home for Thanksgiving!), we both missed Daddy a lot. Charlotte muttered his name all weekend. He’s a popular guy in these parts.

Since he missed out, I took lots of pictures for him. Here are a few for you, too. Your welcome.

Yay! More monthly baby pictures!

Putting her baby-belly-size guessing skills to the test. Pretty close!

Next gift: Baby in a Box

Once she realized she had an audience, Charlotte put on quite the show. It involved sqealing, shaking some ribbon, and spinning in circles. Caa-uute. Charlotte the Starlet.

LOL! Christmas card?

First try: Hello, Awkward Steve.

Re-do: Much better.

A re-enactment of this next shot....

...from my shower last year! Notice Amanda's wearing the same outfit!

Charlotte, Mommy-to-be, and Cousin-to-be

Charlotte can’t wait to have her first cousin!!!


One response to “Baby Shower

  1. I love her leg warmers!!! 🙂

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