Chiquita Banana

Charlotte has come a long way since her days of banana barfing. In fact, she can’t seem to get enough of them these days. She looks to where we keep them on our counter, stretches out her arms, and calls out “nana, nana!” When we pass the stacks of bananas in the grocery store, Charlotte practically falls out of the cart trying to grab them. Luckily for us, HyVee allows children a free banana while shopping with thier parents. Bananas have made grocery shopping easier for Chris and I and delicious for Charlotte.

I can guarantee that this video Chris took of Charlotte eating her banana the other day will make you laugh out loud. She’s our Chiquita banana.




2 responses to “Chiquita Banana

  1. Oh my gosh, this is one of the cutest and funniest videos yet! She scarfed down that “nana” pretty darn fast!

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