And the winner is

Charlotte turned eleven months old last Monday, and over the weekend I took millions of photos of her in her bedroom. It was our second to last monthly shoot. Sniffle. Charlotte must have sensed my nostalgia because she let me get some super cute shots.

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."

Scrunchy-munchy face


Peeping Tilly

Hey! Let me outta here!

Wee! No hands!

Oh, look over there! Breakables! My favorite!

Does this chair make my legs look fat?

And finally, this one, my favorite:

You know those cutest baby photo contests online? The ones where everyone posts on their facebook walls day after day, “Please vote for my baby to win xyz” ? The ones that aren’t really cutest baby contests at all, but rather who has the most facebook friends that will vote for their baby contests? Well, if I was going to enter one of those contests, this might just be the winnng picture.

Never mind. I’m definitely not popular enough on facebook.


One response to “And the winner is

  1. I’d vote for her picture on Facebook!!!!

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