Pinteresting Party Ideas

I have Charlotte’s first birthday party on my mind. Since everyone likes to tell me that I’ll never take as many pictures, film as many videos, write as many blog posts, remember as many milestones for the second and third babies as I do for the first, I figure this party better be pretty good so that my future kids have any hope for a halfway decent celebration.  I decided on a snowflake/red theme – snowflakes because it will December and red because it’s Charlotte’s favorite color. We’re pretty sure her party will be on December 10th, the Saturday after her birthday.

Pinterest has been the easiest (and most fun) way for me to come up with ideas for Charlotte’s big day. I’ve pinned pictures of potential invitations, outfits, decorations, cakes, and even gifts. We decided that we’ll purchase eco-friendly gifts from Etsy. I don’t like the idea of having a bunch of plastic crap toys that will just end up sitting in a landfill one day, so we’ve chosen wooden puzzles, blocks, and cars, as well as some fabric food items for Charlotte’s future games of House and Store. (Yep, I’m already planning out what she’s going to play.) We also like the idea of supporting independent American artists rather than big companies with underpaid factory workers in Taiwan.

If you would like to check out all the pictures and ideas I’ve pinned on Charlotte’s first birthday board, you can click on my pinterest link here. If you click on the individual pictures, it will take you to their source online.


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