Baby Pen Pals

Last Thursday, Charlotte met her friend, Brooke, for the first time. Brooke and Charlotte don’t know this yet, but they’ve been friends since Brooke was born in June, and they’ll be pen pals once they’re able to write. Snail mail pen pals to be exact. And there will be capital letters and periods and minimal text speak. (LOL is acceptable, u is not.)  See, us moms have it all planned out.

Brooke’s mom is my good friend from high school, Brittany. We were on dance squad together and would spend Saturdays at health track practicing the routines before basketball games. We would dance and dance and then eat and eat at Dairy Queen and Portillos.

Britanny’s husband is named Chris. He’s great. Brittany’s Chris and my Chris get along swimmingly. Bonus!

Brittany, Chris, and baby Brooke live far away in Scottsdale, Arizona. But I guess that’s okay because now we have a place to vacation.

Here we are in Arizona in front of a meteor crater almost three years ago:

Here’s Brittany and I now with our big babies:

What? We're moms?! What?

The pretty bow in Charlotte’s hair was part of her birthday gift and made by Brittany.

Of course, we had to sit the babies next to each other and take three hundred pictures. Charlotte has a little problem with sitting still lately, so this is the best I got:

Brooke: I'm sweet and innocent. Charlotte: I'm up to no good...

Charlotte: I am going to grab your face. Brooke: Okay.

I was so happy to see my friend and meet her little dumpling! Charlotte and Brooke are going to be one anothers’ favorite pen pal; I can just tell. The Dorans miss the Walkers already!


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