Rocky Rocky

Charlotte has no fear. Set her on a couch, changing table, lap, or skyscraper, and soon enough she’ll end up on her belly and plunge herself head first off the edge. Chris and I obviously won’t let her free fall, but we do let her down this way by holding on to her legs until her squishy arms reach the floor. Come to think of it, perhaps she’s a daredevil because we do this. I suppose we’re giving her the wrong impression about flinging yourself off of tall objects. Meh.

Last weekend, Charlotte took a spin on Great-grandma Margaret’s miniature rocking chair. She thought it was pretty fun. See?

When Charlotte decided the ride was over, she got off in her signature Sprouty style.


Landed on her face (twice) and didn’t even bat an eyelash. That’s my girl.


2 responses to “Rocky Rocky

  1. So funny! See you soon Charlotte!

    And you really can never get these kiddos to do what you want. I tried to get Madeline to smile for her 3 month photos today and she wouldn’t. She would only smile when I wasn’t behind the camera. Which was kind of hard to capture. 🙂

  2. Haha! EXACTLY…..

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