I haven’t abandoned the blog for more than three days since Colorado in June. Even then, I don’t think it was six days. The truth is, right now my full-time teaching job is actually an overtime teaching job. The first trimester grading period is ending tomorrow, grades are due on Friday, and I stupidly had all papers and projects for each of my classes due at the same time (right now). I have mentioned that I have 159 students? And one of them wrote a 39 page memoir. 39! What?! In other words, I have simply been too busy to upload, edit, and write about all the pictures I take.

Also, our camera is kind-of missing. I say kind-of because it has to be around here somewhere – in a bag, under a pile of clothes, in the car – we just had it on Sunday….It will turn up. I hope this happens soon because I have some very adorable pictures of Charlotte meeting her friend/pen-pal Brooke Walker for the first time. I can’t wait to share!

In other camera-related news, Chris and I went new camera browsing this evening. Having Charlotte  made us both realize how horrible and inadequate our current cheap-o point-and-shoot is. It was fine when we were just taking pictures of us in bars, but now that we have a little sprout to chase around, we’re ready for an upgrade. We’ve done a lot of research, and I think we’ve finally narrowed it down to a Cannon model and a Nikon model, both DSLR. In other words, expensive. This will be a purchase we’ve saved up for by the time we finally buy it. (Hopefully around Christmas since the hollidays tend to bring in a few extra dollars. Thanks, Grandparents! 🙂 ) For once, I’m not looking to go cheap, and I don’t mind the expense; having quality pictures of Sprout and future sproutlings will be money well spent. As a bonus, the blog will get a whole lot prettier.


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