Halloween 1.0

Happy Halloween! I’m writing in orange tonight in order to better capture the Halloween spirit. I feel more festive already.

While I’d love to believe that the record number of hits I’ve received today are because editors from the New Yorker have found my blog and are so impressed with my writing they are about to offer me a fabulous work-from-home gig writing whatever tickles my fancy whenever I feel like it (and yes, this job does pay well, and all my work would be published, of course), I know the real reason so many people are stopping by (or a few of you, about fifty times each) is to see Sproutykins in the adorable costume I’ve been keeping secret all week. So, without further ado, here’s Charlotte The Strawberry:

Walking through the sea of adolescents at my school's Halloween party Friday night.

(A sad) chocolate covered strawberry -- Sunday night

The last light of Halloween...playing in the leaves!

Leaves are even better than paper!

A berry pretty twilight (Sorry, I just had to.)

Waiting for the trick or treaters!

Daddy? Is that you?

(One little girl told Chris that she liked his cheerleading costume. Cheerleaders with mullets and bathrobes – now there’s an idea!)

Just because Halloween is over, don’t expect me to pack away this costume forever. No, Charlotte will wear this hat all winter. Duh. And I’ll probably whip out the puffy strawberry body suit from time to time, too. This thing is way too cute to sit in a closet “until the next kid.” Plus, I need to get my six dollars worth. Oh – didn’t I mention I got it for six bucks? That’s right; 75% off simply because it was missing the striped green and white pants that it was supposed to come with (which probably wouldn’t have fit her anyway because the costume is a size big). But that didn’t bother us at all because, as you can see from the picture, Charlotte already has a pair of green striped pants! This costume was meant to be.

Unlike Mama, Charlotte is ready to move on to bigger and better things….

Jingle Bells anyone?


One response to “Halloween 1.0

  1. She looks just adorable. what a perfect costume for and very sweet little girl!

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