Puppy Payback

I’ve decided that our payment for having the easiest baby in the world is that we also have the most difficult dogs in the world.

Take Buddy. Buddy brings new meaning to the word anxiety. Chris can’t even leave the room or say okay without Buddy going berserk. Going berserk includes spinning in circles, barking, and nipping at our heels. Buddy also attacks the door when anyone leaves. It doesn’t matter if that person is me — the one who feeds and walks him —  or a stranger buying something from us off of Craigslist. If it were up to Buddy, no one would ever leave our house ever. We think Buddy might also hear voices. Sometimes he’ll just look around furiously, like there’s a fly buzzing around his face. Poor Buddy.

The vet says his anxiety is partially due to his breed and partially due to all the changes forced upon him in his short life. He was given up by his first owners at seven months old, lived in a foster home for a couple of weeks, then came to live with us. Buddy would probably say that everything was perfect until we had to go and adopt Luna. Then, fifteen days later we moved into a new house. Then we did the unspeakable and had a baby. Poor Buddy.

Buddy begins on his doggy Prozac tomorrow. No joke.

And then there’s Luna. Luna, Luna, Luna. She really is the sweetest dog in the entire world. She’s gentle and snuggly and puts up with Baby pulling hair out of her face on a daily basis. But Luna’s had a rough past, too. She was found abandoned on the median of a highway in Illinios. Imagine: sweet, adorable ten-pound Luna on the median of a highway! She is also blind in one eye. It could have been a birth defect or an untreated infection. She has luxating patellas on both hind legs (bad knees) that will probably need surgery when she’s older, and NOW she has a hernia and rotting teeth. Poor little Luna will have her hernia repaired in two weeks and her teeth worked on a month later. By Christmas she’ll be good as new enough!

Despite how crazy and/or decrepit these pups are, Charlotte sure does love them. Her current favorite thing is sitting dangerously close by as the dogs chase each other and wrestle. She squeals over the running back and forth, the growling, and the tail biting. This is actually great for Chris and I since Charlotte is sick of all of her babyish toys. Dogs = free entertainment.

There is another perk of having two crazy dogs: Charlotte can sleep through anything. Thanks to Buddy’s incessant barking, Charlotte’s ears basically turn off when she goes to sleep. We can have a dinner party in our living room while Charlotte sleeps just a few feet away. It’s pretty great. Thank you, dogs.

And now for a few pics of Charlotte with her furry brother and sister…


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