Baby Bum

I couldn’t resist taking this picture of Charlotte before her bath Friday night.

Don’t mind my deliberate editing. This is the internet.

Can I get in yet, Mommy?

Later, we attempted a mother-daughter shot in Charlotte’s cute new overalls. (They don’t call it Goodwill for nothing.)

Sprouty, you're supposed to look at the camera and smile!

Let’s try that again.

Mama, you're supposed to keep your eyes open!

It would be great if I could work some Photoshop magic and switch our faces to make a cute picture, but unfortunately my editing skills end with the butt blurring. Oh well.




2 responses to “Baby Bum

  1. It looks like you wiped away her cute little butt! I am sure no one who sees this wonderful site would be offended by that darling bum! 🙂

  2. Cutie! Love the overalls too. I intend to get Madeline a pair once she starts walking. I grew on on Oshkosh overalls! (I need the blue striped ones. :))

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