A Hard Day

Today, I got to spend less than one hour with The Baby. And actually, if I didn’t live across the street from my job, that one hour would have been cut in half. I had a professional development workshop after school until 6:30 tonight. Luckily, when I got home, Charlotte was still awake, and I was able to kiss her before bed.  (Thank goodness for that.) Wednesday I have parent conferences from 4 until 7:30 (same as last week). This is going to be a hard week. I can now empathize with all of the parents that spend nearly the entire day away from home due to work and commuting hours. It sucks not seeing your baby.



2 responses to “A Hard Day

  1. Sorry…you know you will have a smiling little girl when you do see her!

  2. Thanks, Bobbie. That is true! And after this week, I won’t have any days in a row like this for awhile. 🙂

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