Punkin Girl

The three of us had a busy weekend as usual. On Friday night our friends, Carla and John, brought their two month old daughter Madeline over and had dinner with us. Madeline is not small for her age, but she feels like a feather to me. I gladly held and bounced her for awhile after Charlotte went to bed. Carla posted this very cute picture of the four of us…

Cute baby girls and proud mamas

After dinner, Chris’s friend from high school, Andrew spent the night at our house since he was in town from Minnesota for Saturday’s football game. We all had fun laughing at their high school yearbook. Have we really been out of high school for almost ten years already? Really?? However, none of us could deny how outdated everyone looked. Sweater vest anyone?

Amy and Bob visited on Saturday, so we took a trip to the pumpkin patch. Chris and I went to this particular place (Bloomsbury Farm) two years ago and had a really hard time getting out of their corn maze fun. Back then, we thought about how fun it would be to bring our kids one day since there are so many kiddie things to do (like pet baby cows and goats, play in pit of corn kernals (yup), and watch pumpkins get shot out of cannons).  I think we set our expecations a little high this year, because really, a ten month-old can’t do much. I think Charlotte might have glanced at the cute baby cow (sweetly named Vanilla, by the way), and I took her down a tube slide once (she could have cared less). I decided that playing in a pit of corn kernels was probably unsafe since all she’d have ended up doing was try to stuff the kernels in her mouth. 

But we did take a fun hayride out to the pumpkin field and picked our own pumpkin to take home. Then we set Charlotte in a grassy area filled with already-picked pumpkins for what was supposed to be the cutest photo shoot ever. At this point, Charlotte was very very tired having missed a nap, and although she wasn’t at all cranky, she was in no mood to smile for pictures. You should have seen Amy and I; we were both furiously snapping away, waving our hands, and talking in silly high voices to a baby who wouldn’t even look at us. This is the closest I got to a smile:

Eh, I give it a six out of ten.

More of our pictures turned out like this:

Yes, I hear you, and no, I am not going to look at the camera.

Or like this…

What the heck is this thing? Can I eat it?

Oh well. Can’t say we didn’t try.

I happen to think she’s cute even when she’s not smiling/making weird faces. Again, this is the unbiased opinion of her mother.

And today, finally, we picked up Charlotte’s Halloween costume! This is a big relief for me; I had been agonizing a little bit a lot over what to dress her up as. It’s her first Halloween – I don’t want her wearing something that looks really cheap, but I also don’t want to spend a small fortune on something she’ll wear for only a few hours. Well, let me tell you. We found the perfect costume for an even more perfect price. It is so cute; I get heart palpitations just thinking about her wearing it.

Oh, you’re wondering what the costume is? I guess you’ll just have to check back after Halloween to find out. Mwah ah ah.


One response to “Punkin Girl

  1. Maybe we’ll go together next year. The kiddos will be at least a year old. They should be able to do more. 🙂

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