Phone Call

Today is Charlotte’s ten month birthday! For some reason, I kept wanting to say eight month birthday all day. I suppose I never really got used to her being nine months yet (or eight or seven or six, for that matter). But here we are, ten months old!

Today, I wanted to get all the talking she does while playing on video. (It’s darling.) Of course, the second I turned on the camera, she went mute, opting to play with the carpet in silence. Luckily, Daddy called, thus saving this video from joining the others in our growing “Here’s Charlotte Doing Nothing” movie file (which we’ll never delete because we still think it’s cute).



3 responses to “Phone Call

  1. Ohhhhhhhhh so cute!! Does she call her daddy, “nana”? LOL kisses and hugs.

  2. Actually, she can say “dada.” Nana is her word for everything besides mama, dada, and baba at the moment. 🙂

  3. I love her army crawl.

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