Year Four

Four years ago today, Chris and I walked down the aisle, said I do, and kissed in front of a hundred people.

We got married here, in Iowa, which was the absolute best decision we made about our wedding. It was perfect. Nothing could have put a cloud over that day. I was so happy and excited, not even the least bit nervous, and I even remembered to eat breakfast that morning.

We had our wedding at St. Mary’s Catholic church downtown, which is so beautiful we didn’t have to spend a cent decorating. And our reception was at one of our favorite restaurants right on the Iowa River. We’ve had dinner there every year on our anniversary since, including tonight. We actually hired a babysitter.

Two years ago at dinner we met an older couple who were also celebrating their two year anniversary. They told us they met on an archeological adventure tour in Crete. We were only a little embarrassed when we told them we met at a frat party.

Tonight, another old couple sitting next to our table was celebrating their anniversary. We didn’t have a conversation with them, but we did end up hearing most of their conversation, which centered on the enormity of the husband’s entree. It went something like this:

Husband: Every time we’ve been here the lobster has never been this big! This is huge! How can anyone finish this?

Wife: Lobster tails are always that size. When we go to Red Lobster that’s how they look.

Husband: They’ve never been this big here.

Wife: I disagree.

Waitress: How’s everything tasting?

Husband: This is so much food? It’s never been this big before. Does anyone actually finish it?

Waitress: Actually, you’d be surprised.

Husband: They do? Well, I can’t believe that. How am I supposed to eat all this food?

Waitress: I can grab a big box for you and I’ll arrange it all nicely so you can take it home.

Husband: I’m going to need three or four kiddie bags for all this.

Wife: Now we’ll know when we come here to ask how big the portions are…

Husband: It’s never been this big, every time I’ve been here!

Wife: I know that if I told you beforehand that it was going to be so big, you would have said It’ll be fine, this is what I want. You making much to big a deal about this.

Husband: No no no no. This is just too big. No one can eat this much. I’m going to need three or four kiddie bags for all this food!

Now, imagine this conversation playing over and over again on repeat. That was our dinner music. I have a feeling this guy will be talking about his enormous meal all week.

Anyway, enough about them. More about us! Here are a few pictures (stolen from facebook) from our wedding day – October 6, 2007.

On the bridge outside the restaurant

Delicious cake (Which we didn't save for a year in our freezer, by the way. We ate it all that first week of marraige.)

Love him!

First dance...maybe?

A favorite

Whoops, how that one get in there?? (Love her!!)

The past four years have felt like both an instant and an eternity. It’s always felt like that with Chris. I think that must be a good thing.


2 responses to “Year Four

  1. Congrats Chris and Katy! Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. Congratulations you two love boids!!

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