Charlotte may or may not have been crawling around the kitchen this evening. And she may or may not have gotten too close to the baby gate leading into the living room. Said baby gate may or may not have fallen over…and hit her in the head… [cue frantic mom and dad]

Charlotte definitely got her first (but surely not her last) purple shiner. Ouch.

Our poor baby. Having a plastic gate come crashing down on you is not the greatest way to end your day. But we made it all better with a little ice, a little snuggling, and a little liquid happiness. (Not liquid courage, people. We’re not that bad of parents.)


So this is what "boom" means...


Charlotte, in happier times, sporting her first clipped-into-hair bow! Wow, it stays! What a milestone for Sprout today.


How do you like my itty bitty beret?




2 responses to “Headache

  1. Awww…. Hope Charlotte is feeling better now. Kissies! Love the beret!

  2. She has forgotten all about it! A happy girl again!

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