Happy Oktober

We spent the first day of October at the Amana Colonies’ Oktober Fest. We enjoyed Bavarian pretzels, locally brewed beer, live music, and checking out the cute shops. It was such a nice day, too, so there were tons of people. I don’t mind crowds, though. They remind me of home. 🙂 We were hoping we see the cute old man in lederhosen who sang to Charlotte the last time we were in Amana back in May. But we never could have found him – there was lederhosen everywhere.

Does my head look small? I must be a Bremer...

We stopped in to a leather shop, and the moment we stepped inside, I knew what we’d be walking out with. I just couldn’t resist…

Baby moccasins come in the cutest baby shoe boxes. I almost took a picture before I realized I'm probably the only person who thinks a tiny shoe box is cute...

I loved Minnetonka moccasins as a little girl. Looooooved them. I had these. And these, I think. But I always really wanted a pair like Charlotte’s. I thought those looked so much more authentically Native American (you know, because I knew what that meant), and I did always wish I was a Cherokee Indian. (Because what I knew best about being Native American [moccasins, long black braids, feathered headdresses, Pocahontas] all seemed really great.) I have this memory of my mom telling me at Giesche’s that the fringe mocs were ugly, so I never got them.* But now that I’m the mom, I get to decide what’s cute and what’s not. And these moccasins = adorable. Charlotte doesn’t care what her shoes look like yet, but she does like to play with the fringe.

Charlotte’s two top teeth have been coming in for over a week now, and I finally have a picture where you can (just barely) see them. I had to do a lot of zooming and cropping….

Lil Chompers.




*Hi Mom. You’re probably saying “I never said that!” and you might be right. You know how kids’ memories are. 🙂


4 responses to “Happy Oktober

  1. Ohhhhh Katy, how you loved the shoes at Giesche’s!! You never wanted to leave the store, and one time you jumped up and down at the door saying….no, no, no I’m the boss!! OH HONEY!! This may sound weird, but the bottom picture of Charlotte kind of resembles Kevin!!!

  2. Haha, I think I remember doing that…or else I’ve heard the story and only imagine I remember it. I did LOVE shoes, and still do!

  3. I love these photos! I had moccasins like charlotte’s when I was little but they were white. I remember loving them!

    Her teeth are hilariously awesome!

  4. Love the moccasins. I bet she’ll be walking in them in no time!!!

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