A Favor for Mother Earth

Before the sprout was born, Chris and I decided that we’d like to give cloth diapers a try. I had done a lot of reading about them, and heard nothing but great things from everyone I know who uses them for their babies. (As well as from lots of people I don’t know online.) For those of you who have not had a child in the last ten or so years, cloth diapers today are not your mother’s annoying pinned-up pre-folds. Cloth diapers today are high-tech. They don’t need to sit in a pail to soak, and they don’t leak. They also mostly eliminate diaper rash. To top it off, they come in cute patterns and colors.

Chris and I had planned to begin using them when Charlotte was around three months old. They fit newborns, but we thought we might be a little too overwhelmed with everything else that a first child brings to experiment with different cloth brands. However, three months passed and we were still catching up from six weeks of unpaid maternity leave, so the big cloth diaper purchase had to wait. See, cloth diapers are expensive up front (about $20 per diaper or more depending on the brand). But that initial cost is offset by the fact that you should not have to buy any more diapers ever. They can even last for multiple children, which is where the huge savings kick in. Anyway, month after month passed, and we always seemed to have something else that we were paying for – new storm doors, a visit from the plummer, a couch, etc. – and the diaper purchase just kept getting pushed back.

Until now! I’m very excited that we’ve finally ordered six diapers on a trial run from diaperjunction.com. This site is great because you can test drive select brands for thirty days with a full money back guarantee. Most sites will only let you keep the diapers for two weeks and will only give you a store credit if you want to return them. So, if you decide that you prefer disposables, you are stuck spending a hundred plus dollars on baby lotions and nursing pads. No thank you.

These are the brands I chose:

The fuzzibunz have adjustable/sizable elastic that can "grow" with your child.

Rumparooz's claim to fame are their inner "poop catching" gussets.

bumGenius is just supposed to be really good. We'll see!

In order to get these bad boys as clean as possible, it’s helpful to have a sprayer attached to your toilet, so I ordered one of those, too. Oh yeah, and we needed a wet/dry bag to store the dirty diapers in between washings. Good thing I’m a teacher and make tons of money.

But really though, if we end up primarily using the cloths, we’ll be saving bucket-loads of moola because, in case you aren’t aware, disposables are expensive.  And they stink up our already stinky landfills.

Finally, just imagine how cute Charlotte’s little rumparoo is going to look sporting these cute colors. I mean, come on, is there anything cuter than little gumballs on a baby’s butt?

Chris and I are also partial to this pattern for obvious reasons:


Well, off to pre-wash some diapers! (Am I really this excited to do laundry? This will surely pass.)


One response to “A Favor for Mother Earth

  1. I’m excited to hear what you like/dislike about your purchases. I want to do this once baby is past pooping every 2 minutes…. all the websites seem so overwhelming. I’m glad you’re paving the way for me!

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